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1. Disclaimer

The website is provided by The Market Zone through major media. Fully approved by appropriate government means, the market area does not make any express or implied guarantees regarding the accuracy, reliability, or other aspects of the use or consequences of this website. The Market Zone is not liable for the interruption of use of this website. Statistics provided, such as. Implied warranties of merchantability and health for specific purposes and non-infringement. In some jurisdictions, the exclusions of implied warranties no longer apply, so the above exclusions do not apply.


The member agrees to indemnify The Market Zone, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, senior staff, and employees from any statement or claim, such as the affordable price and legal fees raised by a third party due to the use or withdrawal of the service by the member, Violation of this agreement, or violation by the member or any person of the service, the use of the member’s computer, any intellectual property rights or other property owned by any person, individual or entity.

3. Change

Trade Zone reserves the right to change or discontinue service without prior notice to members. The market area is no longer sensitive to the needs of members or third parties so that the market area can exercise its right to change or discontinue services. Members acknowledge and agree that the market area no longer guarantees uninterrupted, uninterrupted, or permanent access. Our website and the operation of our website may be interfered with or negatively affected by various elements or external objects under our control.

4. Third-party websites

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5. Disclaimer Regarding Accuracy

Information Product specifications and various statistical data are provided by suppliers or collected from public sources. Although The Market Zone makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the statistical data on this website, we do not make any representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or reliability of the statistical data provided on this website. It is related to the products provided or provided by the supplier in any way, and you also acknowledge that you are relying on any statements and guarantees made by the supplier at your own risk.

6. Compliance.

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7. Copyright and trademarks.

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